Which Is the Best Car for a Mobility Scooter User?

Written by Benjamin Hunter. Posted in Cars

People who suffer from impaired mobility will be happy to know that instead of vehicles which can be adapted to accommodate a mobility scooter, they can use purpose-designed mobility cars that were built to enable easy mobility scooter access. Therefore, seniors and individuals who are less able can choose between many cars that have been engineered to offer them a great solution for traveling. Furthermore, the best car for a mobility scooter user is a van or a minivan. Here are the most appreciated vehicles at this moment.

Toyota Sienna

Unlike other types of cars, minivans represent a good choice for those who search for conversion vehicles, because they offer a large cabin space while offering the possibility to save a decent amount of money on fuel. The Toyota Sienna comes with effective features for disabled people, as it incorporates an Access lift seat that can rotate at 90 degrees, and get low to within 18″ of the ground. Furthermore, this outstanding car comes with a V6 engine that enables a spirited acceleration, and an all-wheel drive that provides a great traction. So, within its segment, this vehicle represents an excellent choice.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a van that provides enough room for a mobility scooter to be transported, and the best part is that it comes with a gate lift for allowing the scooter user to drive directly into the van. Furthermore, this car is perfect for taller disabled people who need more headroom to be comfortable. Unlike other full-size vehicles, this van features a low fuel consume, so it can meet the expectations of people who are on a tight budget, too.

Ford Transit Connect

This handicap accessible car was engineered for small-business owners at first, but recently the company has adapted this vehicle for the mobility segment, too. Giving its generous interior space, the Ford Transit Connect represents a good solution for mobility scooter users who need transportation to do the same types of activities that regular individuals do. Furthermore, although it is tall and it has a boxy shape, this van can be easily maneuvered even on busy city streets. With a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that features 136 horsepower, the Ford Transit Connect presents a significant fuel economy. Moreover, it comes with many effective features that can ensure a higher comfort for a mobility scooter user. So, we advise you to read some accurate reviews to find out more about the main characteristics of this practical car.

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