Things You’re Doing Wrong When You Wash your Car

Written by Jennifer Lloyd. Posted in Cars

With the summer holidays just around the corner, you will surely want to wash your car every week and while you might be thinking that this is the right thing to do, you might be in for a surprise. For some of us, the cat might be the most expensive item that we have. That’s why, the most important part of car maintenance is ensuring that you wash your car correctly. In this article, you will find several things you are probably doing wrong when you wash your car.

Using a sponge

You might think that a sponge is just a sponge and it cannot damage your car. But, if you want some fine scratches in your paint, go ahead and use a nice colorful sponge. Most people use that rectangular sponge to wash their cars and this is a huge mistake. All those yellow sponges should be used only for washing dishes. Instead, you can use a good microfiber mitt. It is deep pile and cannot cause damage to the paintwork on your car. As compared to the sponge, this microfiber mitt traps the dirt inside the fibers and it doesn’t leave your car’s paint with awful swirl marks.

Using the “one bucket” soap mixture

If you are thinking about washing your car this week, it’s important to take into account several things including the fact that you must use two buckets instead of one. A bucket should be with soap mixture and another with clean water to rinse the car. Wash the microfiber mitt into the bucket with clean water and continue washing your car. There is nothing complicated in this procedure. You just need 1 bucket with soap to wash the car and one bucket with clean water to rinse the car.

Using the wrong soap

Avoid the soaps that are too alkaline. Make sure you choose a soap that suds up a lot. This type of soap move dirt away from your car’s paint and prevent scratches. Opt for a dish washing liquid that is actually made for washing your car. However, if the paint has some scratches, you can confidently use a wash that has small amounts of synthetic was in it. Keep in mind, that it will strip off any wax that has been applied on your car. The sealer, also known as the wax will penetrate all those tiny scratches and will make the pain look shiny again.

Dumping a bucket with soap mixture over your car when you are done

If you are one of those people who end the wash process by dumping a bucket of water with soap over the car, you should quit doing that. You must stop pouring that disgusting water with mud and dirt over your paint. As mentioned above, it’s very important to start the car wash process with two buckets of water. One with soap and another with clean and clear water.

Blasting with the hardest water jet

You might think that washing your car with the hardest water jet is a great idea, but the truth is that this can affect and damage your car’s paint. It’s obvious that a strong water jet works great under the exposed edge of the paint, but instead of dirt, you can remove paint. However, if you use a pressure washer things are different. Cleaning your car with this interesting product is a good way to keep your vehicle clean. When washing the car, it’s quite important to use the appropriate power (PSI) and water flow (gallons per minute). Keep in mind that the higher the PSI, the hardest the water jet will be. Additionally, the higher the GPM, the more water it will release. The car washers are much more efficient and work better than garden hoses. Furthermore, they use less water. There are many models of the market, so you have to pay more attention to what you choose. It’s quite difficult to decide whether you want an electric or a gas-powered pressure washer because both models are equipped with interesting features. Nowadays, more and more people use the electric model. It is more popular and cleans well your car without damaging the paint job.

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