Questions to ask an international car transport company before hiring

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Whether you are relocating to a foreign country and it’s easier for you to hire vehicle transport services rather than driving the car for so many miles yourself, or you are taking your vehicle to an exhibition, finding a company that can stand at your disposal with international auto shipping is necessary. Well, when you are searching for offers in this department, you will stumble upon an impressive variety of impsonite. To differentiate them and choose the ebbs one, you have the chance to ask a few questions first, which will help you reach a conclusion. These are the things you should consider asking before hiring their services:

Are you registered?

The most important questions to ask, the one you should start with is if they are registered. Before leaving your vehicle, which might be quite an expensive one, in their hands, knowing they are working legally in this domain is a must. A respectable company, such as White’s Vehicle Transport, will have all legal pipework in order, will be registered and certified, and will be able to provide you with proof of all of these factors. Request documentation proof from the start.  

Do you offer insurance? What type?

Because sometimes incidents can happen during the transportation of a vehicle abroad, knowing you are covered against potential damage costs is of course one of your desires. Find out what kind of insurance policy the shipping company provides, and see if you are satisfied with their offer in this department. Knowing you are protected against any type of car damage that might occur during transportation will give you peace of mind, so find out as many details as possible in this department before signing a contract.

What are your prices?

Fees are something you should know about right from the start. After offering them all the information they require, from your needed shipping destination, to car type, the company should be able to provide you with clear details about price you will need to pay. Although you should not overlook more relevant aspects just to benefit from cheap shipping fees, knowing how much you will need to pay, and benefiting from affordability is of course necessary.

How long will it take for my car to be delivered?

Knowing when your auto will arrive at your chosen destination is of course something you will want to find out. Although this detail varies depending on location, and it cannot always be exactly predetermined, considering there might be outside factors that cannot be controlled, the company should however provide you with a general delivery time guide.

If you want your car to be safely transported abroad – which you probably do – resorting to the right company for the job is a must. In order to ensure the reliability of your choice, you should ask the firm a few questions in advance, ones that will help you conclude if they are the right for you or not. From revoking information regarding their registration to finding out about their fees, try to not skip on any of these questions.  

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