Mistakes that will damage your car during long-term storage

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You make sure to observe the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure and change the tires when they exceed acceptable limits. Since you compare the oil of your car with the blood in the human body, performing regular inspections to maximize engine reliability is a crucial step. You thoroughly clean the lights, windows and mirrors in order to prevent road hazards and benefit from safety at its peak. Speaking of potential crashes, the braking system requires your full attention at least once in a while to determine when you should replace it. The belts experience wear and tension over time, which might prove to be extremely dangerous for you and your passengers. If you hear squealing noises, you definitely have to service your modern vehicle. Moreover, you check the battery monthly for ensuring proper functioning and the fluids weekly, not to mention that you personally clean and vacuum the interior. You are definitely a responsible driver and you care very much about your valuable asset.

Prolong the life of your car’s battery during storage

During every winter, you opt for vehicle storage San Jose to offer your car the necessary protection against the unfavorable weather conditions. However, you probably do not know that minor mistakes could lead to irreparable damage and you could face overwhelming disappointment when taking your car out of storage. This article has the purpose to inform you about those small errors so that you avoid unintentionally ruining your precious vehicle. First, what are you going to do with the battery during the entire storage period? Are you going to leave it just as it is, remove it or charge it? The answer to this question is very important because the life of your car’s battery depends on it. Well, you should know that in order to prolong the life of the respective battery, keeping it charged is fundamental. If you do not have the money or you do not want to invest them in a brand new battery in the spring, you should visit the facility and start the car to allow the battery to recharge or remove it completely and use a trickle charger to ensure its longevity.

Change the oil and inflate the tires as recommended by the manufacturer

The next mistakes that we are going to address refer to the oils and tire pressure. Since you are planning to leave your precious vehicle in storage for months, you cannot overlook the importance of changing the oil. The old oil might contain debris which will damage your perfectly functional engine. Under no circumstances, you should let contaminated oil ruin your modern car. Moving on to the tire pressure, you have to be aware that your vehicle is going to stay in the same position for a long period and this will have negative effects on the tires. More specifically, it will cause the appearance of flat spots. In this case, you have two options: inflate your tires properly before storing the car or do as mentioned above and drive it for a couple of minutes.

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