Everything You Need to Know About the Speedohealer Calibrator V4

Written by Benjamin Hunter. Posted in Motorcycles

If you are the type of motorcycle owner that likes to constantly upgrade and improve your ride, you might already be familiar with the SpeedoHealer. Developed by the Healtech Electronics company, this electronic device is to be installed on motorcycles in order to help the speedometer display more accurate information. So, if you are not familiar with this device, here is everything that you need to know about it.

Is it always necessary?

We can’t guarantee that all motorcycle speedometers display inaccurate metrics due to factory defects, but many of them do. If you have tested your bike, and you are sure that the speedometer works perfectly, then there is no need to invest in the SpeedoHealer. However, if you feel that the speedometer is not always right, this device could settle your concerns. If there is one situation when this device is absolutely necessary, that is in case of aftermarket gear ratio modifications. Moreover, if you don’t enjoy making conversions in your mind while driving, you should know that this calibrator can also convert km/h to MPH and it does this in real time. So if you bough a bike from oversees or you recently moved to a country with a different metric system, this electronic calibrator can help you know if you are driving within the legal speed limits.

Best uses for the SpeedoHealer

As we already mentioned, the speedometer is necessary in case of factory inaccuracies, in case of aftermarket gear modification and in case you need a speed metric conversion. However, aside from satisfying these important necessities, the Speedohealer Calibrator V4 can also provide other benefits. For example, it can be used in case of changes in tire size or tire profiles or for getting lower a lower MPH output in order to cheat the factory speed limiter that some bikes have. It can also be used in case of new speedo face-plates with different scales to make the right adjustments. It is important to know, that this device will not affect the bikes factory speedometer in any way. The factory device can be checked simply by pressing a button, and the great thing about it is that it keeps working even after turning off the ignition.

These being said, it is safe to assume that the SpeedoHealer is a good addition to any chopper. At $109.00, it is quite affordable and you will be happy to know that it comes with an impressive lifetime warranty.

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