Bicycle accident – what to do if you are hit by a car

Written by Benjamin Hunter. Posted in Cars

Have you ever imagined what would happen, if you would experience an accident? Try to picture the following situation: You are riding on your way home, the light is green ahead and you stand up on the pedals, in a few minutes you should be home. But them the accident happens, a driver pulls out from a driveway and they do not even notice you. They knock you to the roadway, but you are lucky and you are not hurt. You instinct would be to turn to your bike, but then you notice that it does not have the same state. The wheels are crunched and the forks are snapped. Also, you may be injured in the accident, and this would be a more complex situation. The driver would practically jump of the car, be apologetic and ask you not to call your bicycle accident lawyer, because they are aware of the legal consequences. But you should call your lawyer, because they would advise you what to do in this case.

Get in touch with your lawyer

When you experience a bicycle accident, it is important get in touch with a bicycle accident lawyer, because they will inform you on your legal options. They have experience in this case, and they can determine if you or the driver were negligent in the accident. When they determine the negligence they will help, you file for compensation. As a bicycle accident victim, you are eligible for compensation, and in case you need medical expenses, the driver will have to cover them. Also, the compensation may include money for repairing the damage and even for your time, in case you were late for work due to the accident. The lawyer will walk you through the legal process, so it is essential to call them as soon as possible.

You should call the police

You should not expect the police to show up in case you are not injured, but you may have no idea that you are not, because shoulder, hand or knee injuries may develop the following days. Also, in case of head knock you may not feel any symptom for a day or two, and experience pain a few days later. So you should not say you are ok, you should call the police and tell them that you need a medical exam.

Get the driver’s license, insurance and contact information

In case the police will not show up, you will have to take the driver’s word that they will pay. You have to keep in mind that they are complete strangers to you, and you do not know them well enough to take their word about anything. You should ask them show their driver’s license, get the plates and ask for insurance information. When they offer the phone contact, call them to verify the number, but this will not guarantee you that it is not a pre-paid phone number. Also, it is important to take pictures of the license plate, of the car, the collision scene and the bike, because your lawyer will need them.

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