A mid-sized SUV to drive safely – GMC Acadia

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Finding a car that it’s both spacious and powerful is quite difficult. A mid-sized SUV can be the answer to all the problems a driver encounters. For instance, the new GMC Acadia is described by both amazing performance and good looks. If you find yourself under a very strict budget, then don’t worry. Dallas is one of the best locations for buying cars if you know where to search. If you just think about what it would be like to buy used GMC Acadia in Dallas, you would start noticing that is the best possible choice. Obtaining the same features and the same image of a car that you desire at a smaller price sounds like one of your dreams will come true. Here are some features and specs about this car that you will definitely want to know before buying:

Features you need to know about first

This is a pricy car. It can cost approximately $40 000 when bought new, but the good news are that you can go for second hand at any given moment. Such a strong car will surely last in time more than you believe. What’s amazing about this mid-sized SUV is that it has just four doors and it can host up to six different passengers while offering them a lot of leg room. The car is equipped with a 2.5 litre engine that has four cylinders and can easily reach almost 200 horsepower. The transmission is a six-speed automatic one which can make the entire driving experience exquisite from all the existent points of view. The drivetrain is an all-wheel drive and the car is categorized as a 4WD sport-utility one by EPA. When talking about the fuel system, like most powerful cars the GMC Acadia has a Direct Injection one.

The combination between looks and performance

What’s great about Acadia is that it knows how to rock both good looks and good performance. Besides the strong engine that makes this car run, you will also be able to enjoy the amazing exterior looks of it. The aluminium detail on the wheels, the all-season tires, the roof rails with silver touches, the deep tinted glass used on all the windows, the heated, adjustable mirrors – all are details that matter when creating the final image of this beauty. The front seats are heated and work well with the leather steering wheel to complete the luxurious image of the GMC.



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